Newyear’s resolutions vs Life in the spirit

How is your New Year’s resolutions?

Psychology Today says about 49% of people plan a new years resolutions and of those about 8% have success.  Good intentions from our own strengths is not enough to overcome the areas of our life that needs help.  I believe we are trying to tap into the wrong source for strength and guidance.

Something new was happening when Jesus began to come on the scene.  John said someone was coming that would have a source of power to baptize our good intentions and resolutions.

A power source outside our own efforts and intentions. Nichodemous heard this truth and secretly went to Jesus to discuss this.  Jesus said ” There is a new life you must be born into (John 3:1-5).”

Born again

Newborn babies are totally dependent to help outside themselves for food, comfort, protection and training. We must not only begin to believe of Christ but must also be fed, comforted, loved and grow in knowledge and relationship with Christ.

Then Jesus said the new life is a power like the wind.  We all know this power.  We use it everyday in our world. Jesus said “The power of the spirit is like when the WIND BLOWS … and those in the spirit use this power. (John 3:8)”



Power of the Spirit Life

Resolutions are of our own strength and good intentions.  Life led by Christ’s Spirit is from a powerful source outside your own efforts.  (John 3:6-16) Raise the sail of your belief and let the power of the Holy Spirit support, guide, comfort, train you in 2017.  Life in the Spirit brings real Ligntnside.