The Mystery and the Masterpiece – review

Provocative and compelling, I could not put the manuscript down.  – Ron L. Deal (Marriage and Family author, speaker, and therapist.)

Mystery and the masterpiece

In today’s world the concept of sex is no longer considered sacred only in marriage.  However, sexual desire  is one of the strongest passions we carry around.  This book revels the two basic desires we feel daily. They are  are hunger and  sexual attraction. God put this desire in us to make  our marriage commitment firm and lifelong.  The  sexual desire and rewards are so strong that they overcome our  shortcomings as husband and wife.

Are these words too strong?  Then you better not read the book because (cough, cough) it is really raw about marriage and the powerful bond of the sexual experience.  However, is not the bible also full of raw descriptions of national rebellion toward God described as prostitution and lust for others?


Unafraid to tackle intimate, nitty-gritty themes, Randy skillfully and tenderly presents astonishingly fresh insights into the marriage covenant and it’s ‘bigger picture’ connection with authentic worship of God. – Dave Williams (Mount Hope Church Network; Author of The Art of Pacesetting Leadership)


As I read the book I began to think about the powerful intimacy Christ desires with His people.  You will be challenged and encouraged.  Not many books have tackled the element of sex in our world and connected it a healthy and unhealthy relationship with Christ.

The Mystery and the Masterpiece may also be a book to correct the view of sex for those who were raised without regard to it’s impact when used in rebellion or it’s blessing when used as God designed.  My hope is as men or women read this book the power of the Holy Spirit will stir their hearts to seek intimacy with God and begin to respect the sexual desires are only for a lifetime commitment in marriage.

As you read this book may God bless you in your understanding of His passion for you as you understand the passions God created in you.  Allow God to place His LigntNside.

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