Exodus 14:10 – Choose Power over Panic

Exodus 14:13 “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.

man in pain


The Israelites found themselves between the Red Sea and the Pharaoh’s army.  This happened just after God’s Power forced Egypt to set the Israelites free marching away from bondage.  It looked like everything was going well.  They had the wealth of Egypt and were marching to the promised land.   But suddenly they found themselves trapped.

Panic leads to blame

Usually, the first reaction is Panic.  With panic comes blame and accusations.  “We were better off before we left Egypt.”  But Moses had witnessed enough of the power of God that he was confident of God’s power.  Isn’t it interesting when God first called on Moses at the burning bush,  Moses panicked at God’s plan for him?  It was not until Moses experienced God’s power that he grew confident in God during difficult times.  Now, Moses stands between an enemy army and a body of water.  Trapped…maybe not.  He remembered how God used him to confront the most powerful leader in the world and won.

Moses chose POWER  over PANIC

Moses chose power over panic, faith over fear.  Moses chose trusting God instead of turning back, looking up to God rather than looking at the problem.

Peter asked Jesus to let him walk on the water.  Jesus said sure.  And for a moment, Peter walked on the water.  But then Peter saw the waves and he chose panic over power.  (I’m not sure I would be any stronger than Peter.)

Interesting timing

It’s interesting that I came across this scripture in my devotions today.  I did not sleep much last night.  My mind was going over issues and problems.  I know God is on the throne.  I was not panicking but was unsure of the decisions.  This scripture helps me to have faith in the Father and not fear of the unknown.

Are you trapped between problems?

Maybe you are facing some situations.  You feel like God has helped you to get where you are today but suddenly you find yourself between two seemingly difficult situations.  You see the enemy on one side and a barrier of the other.  Choose God’s  POWER over your  PANIC.  Allow God to show His power as you place your trust in Him.  Be patient and have faith.

God defeated Israel’s greatest enemy that day.  They would face other obstacles and so will you.  Israel chose PANIC at Jericho and paid a deep price, forty years in the desert.  God eventually led them back to Jericho and this time they chose POWER and overcame the enemy.   Choose POWER and not panic to shine bright your ligntnside.


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