Psalms 3 – God lifts my head high

You will have a time of trouble.  In the trouble there is your God.

Maybe 2017 was a great year.  If so, expect trouble in 2018.  That is life.  There will be times of trouble, darkness and fear.  David was running for his life from his own son Absalom.  During this painful, dark, and seemingly panic time David writes about his reality on two levels. One is the outward reality.  The other is the inward spiritual reality.

People are against me (even my own family), and they are saying “God will not deliver him”.  To say it another way,  “the situation is beyond God’s power to change or even God does not care for your success.”   We will have times in our life where visually it seems we are going through trouble that seems endless.

shield ps 3.3

David calls out to His God and finds strength in his spirit, mind and even his health. He turns to God and declares: a. You are a shield about me – to block verbal arrows, internal doubts; b. You are my Glory (kabowd – God’s presence, dignity, honor, reputation), because You are my God and I am following You;  c. Therefore, because of Your glory on my You lift my head high. (Where ever I am and in what ever situation I am in I can lift myself up because of God’s glory gives me dignity, honor, and a good reputation.

Because of God and in spite of the situation, I lie down and sleep (ever have sleepless nights? I have.) and I awake because the Lord sustains me.  I will rest in His power, glory, shields during the battle.

Holy Spirit remind me of this Psalms when my mind forgets.

When deliverance comes it is because of the Lord.  Not only the deliverance of the situation but the deliverance of my heart, mind and body during the dark times.  Even when difficult times come turn yourself into God’s presence.  He will give you a lightnside.


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