Psalms 23:1. The Shepherd

Psalm 23:1 NIV

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

GOD is more than my creator, inspector, and judge.  He is my shepherd and I am His sheep. I know His voice. I feel safe and secure in His flock. I follow His direction and I am at peace.

I am an employer shepherd.

I am an employer. People work for me. I am their boss. If I want to be successful I must be more than time keeper or a scheduler.  If I want a long term healthy committed and caring workforce I must be more than the one who signs payroll checks. I must also be  a shepherd.

way of the shepherd

The remainder of this blog are quotes from the small but powerfully insightful book “The Way of the Shepherd” by Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentack.  Below are the chapters and I copies one quote from each chapter.  This book is a must for those who wish to lead.

  1. Know the condition of your flock. “Get to know your flock, one sheep at a time.”
  2. Discover the SHAPE of your sheep.  ” Your choice of sheep can make flock management easier or harder.”
  3. Help your sheep identify with you. “Remember that great leadership isn’t just professional; it’s personal.”
  4. Make your pasture a safe place. “Pull chronic instigators from the flock.”
  5. The staff of direction. “Know where you’re going, get out in front, and keep your flock on the move.”
  6. The rod of correction. “Inspect: Regularly inquire about your people’s progress.”
  7. The heart of the Shepherd. “Every day you have to decide who’s going to pay for your leadership—you or your people.”

Well worth your time to read and glean truths. The principles of shepherding a company will place a lightnside your business or ministry.

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