Romans 1:21-32 We all fall down.

​Romans 1:21-32 Please read passage before continuing.


Clearest descriptions of fallen man

This passage in Romans is one of the clearest descriptions of fallen man left to his own wisdom and morality.  We are all part of this fallen nature and we all wrestle with carnal thoughts. With the Gospel being applied we have faith in the work of Christ to unchain us from the bondage of sin.  Through faith the  righteousness of God is being reveled from Him to us.  We live with peace and hope.

I do not glorify God as He deserves

However, (Read verse 21 & 25) I do not glorify God as He deserves or give him thanks. I wrestle with my favorite idol…me. I am the created and He is the creator.  I tend to make  decisions and guide conversations to reveal my best leadership and avoid the one showing my mistakes. BTW,   How many Facebook selfies do you have? We love ourselves and sometimes we find ourselves caught between worshiping the creator or ourselves. I have another confession. My past reaction to verses 21 through 32 was “it’s about other people. Sinful people who do not know Christ because of their rejection and addiction to pleasure and selfishness.” But I must confess, there is some of me in these verses.

There are two types of people found in Romans 1:21-32

One is the Christian who has their faith in Christ and is covered by God’s righteousness.  Even with these gifts the fallen nature of man along with the Devil’s temptations trap us into falling into verse 21 & 25.  This darkens our mind and  hearts. You feel it and know it. SELF is a strong magnet to selfishness. It takes repentance and the blood of Jesus to overcome Rev. 12:11.

The other type of person is one without Christ
. Refusing to believe there is a God. Their heart and minds become deeply darkened. God’s wrath is to allow the results of their downward fall into perversions and all manor of selfish evil bring destruction, hopelessness and death. Romans speak very clearly of homosexual sin. But before you place that sin above the others, farther down in the fall is sexual immorality,  envy, murder, pride, rebellious. The last four words of their description are the worst: untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, and unmerciful. God help us from ourselves.

We will begin the journey of mans battle with sin and Christ victory on the cross. Ride with me from hopelessness  to heaven in Romans.  Still have your lightnside? Thank you God for everything.  You are almighty God. Creator, redeemer, and  manager of all. Amen.

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