Superbowl MVP – Christ!

Both teams share one commonality.  On each team there are bold Christian proclaiming their faith in Christ .  It is difficult for the media to stand still as Christ’s name is proclaimed and many of these spots do not make it to prime time TV.  Below are two links I found this morning reflecting members of each team sharing their faith.

superbowl 52

I am a Colt’s fan.  But after the win and the proclamation of faith in Christ from the coach and players I had to order a Eagles Superbowl cap.  I will wear it gladly to join in their faith of the greatest competition in the universe.  The super-super-competition of life eternal with Christ.  You are a player in this game.  Listen to your heavenly coach, King Jesus.  He has many plays to get you beyond the competition and into the kingdom touchdown.

Eagles quarterback “I want to be a pastor”.


Patriots Leader Praises Eagles’ Faith


Watching the game last night I was impressed with both teams.  I laughed at most of the commercials (Tide and Eli dancing were the best).  But the bold testimonies of men giving Christ the highest praise place a real lightnside my heart.



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