Psalms 34:8 Taste and See

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8 NIV


I don’t like Brussels Sprouts.

How do I know? They look weird. You say “Have you ever tasted them?”.  “No” I say.  “I don’t like them.”  “I don’t need to taste them because I know they will not taste good.” This was my belief concerning Brussels Sprouts for the last 61 years until about three weeks ago.  At the Teen Challenge center there was a plate of Brussels Sprouts on the kitchen table.

At a dare I ate one…! Amazing.

It was not bad. In fact it was kind of tasty.  For 61 years I knew I would not like it.  I was imagining the taste from a non-tasting organ, my eyes.  They did not look appealing so therefore the taste was sure to be displeasing. And I was wrong.


So many feel this way about trying GOD.

They see GOD as a lot of “don’ts” and “thou shalt not’s”. GOD is not seen as a protective, loving and yes, disciplining father. Instead GOD is seen as judgmental, restricting, and a harsh all seeing GOD looking for you to fail. So taste and see? Put GOD to the test.  Taste the truth and protection of His word and commandments.  See the protection and prevention of harm  they surround your life with.  Taste Faith in Christ as you read out to Him in prayer and see the peace and joy of His presence.

A challenging commandment to taste?

My thoughts were wrong about Brussels Sprouts for 61 years.  Maybe your thoughts concerning  one of His commands is a challenge to believe. Tithing, forgiving,  treating enemies with kindness.  Maybe it’s not  so much of an unbelief as it is a resistance to obey. Either way,  give it a nibble. There is power and blessing with each bite. It is only with the taking in of GOD that His goodness is released in your life.

Hmmmmmm it’s so good

Taste and see.  Hmmmmmm it’s so good. You will want more and more. No one can eat just one.  It’s finger lick’n good. It will put lightnside your heart and life.  Go ahead…taste and see that the Lord is good.

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