Oil of Joy Part 2 – Position for anointing

Psalms 45:7  You love righteousness and hate wickedness;  therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.



Part 1 described the oil of joy and declared it is from God.  The Holy Spirit began to have me meditate about our part in this event.  We take the position to be anointed.

Our position of anointing.

I believe there is a position we must place ourselves in to receive this oil of joy anointing from God.

  • Position of submission – we bow our heads and hearts to the authority of God and in the acknowledgement of His status as Almighty God who created us for His Glory.


  • Position of Trust – We come with a heart of trust.  Knowing His love for us to become more like Christ.  We trust His leadership and follow His path.


  • Position of listening. We are quiet before Him – We are patient and calm before Him allowing His timing and place to anoint us.  We expect it but allow God to choose the time and place to pour out His oil of Joy.  It may surprise us when He chooses and it will be wonderful.


  • Position of obedience and service – We live to serve Him.  We are His vessel.  We are led by the Holy Spirit in our daily walk.  We come to God at times like this to give praise and honor to Him and to receive instruction…and sometimes to receive this oil of joy to take into battle.


There are probably many more positions but these are filling my heart and making the lightnside brighter.

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