Lawlessness and HOPE

Troubles all around

Right now, our country is in a state of violence and unrest.  We have gone through a global pandemic,  shut down one of the greatest economic engines in decades to millions unemployed.  Evil violence on both sides of the law.  Protests begin as they should, but violent people began looting and destroying property and businesses. Frustrations are building up and looking for areas of release all across our land. Social Media and the news media help spread the unrest.  Opinion rather than facts is promoted to influence frustrations and rage. 

It is all a supernatural problem.  Everything we see and feel today is a supernatural problem, and the solution is not Trump or CNN.  It is God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

The Lawless one

Read 1 Thess 2:1-10  The lawless One.  The anti-Christ will rule the world.  You think it’s bad now? You will want to be ready for the rapture of Christians.  You will want to have Christ in your heart when you die.

Notice verse 7The mystery (hidden truth – usually something you cannot know without God’s revelation.)   The NIV calls it the secret power. Lawlessness was already at work even in Jesus’ time,  Dark ages,  Hitler,  World wars,  Nations killing their own people. It is at work today,  in the USA.  In social media,  news,  the hearts of men and women. 

He who restrains…

He who now restrains (holds back the lawless one) – The Holy Spirit,  the Church, You. Because of our fallen nature,  there is a natural tendency to be lawless.  If unchecked, this lawlessness will bring about great evil and destruction.  After the rapture – very dreadful events will take place. Matthew 24 says if the days were not shortened, no one would survive. Only God has the power to restrain the lawless one,  the lawless power. If you have Christ in your heart, then you also have God’s power to stop the lawless force in you, your family, and this nation.

If my people…

Solution – 2 Chronicles 7:14  if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways (lawless ways), then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

HOPE –  When people pray, repent for themselves and our nation,  the restrainer restrains. This has happened throughout history. Revivals come when God’s power is poured out against the lawlessness and righteousness overcomes.

Join me in praying for our own heart, our nation, our leaders, our different races of people. Pray and repent personally and for God’s power to come down and heal our land. Let your lightnside burn bright with hope in a dark time.

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