Freedom under attack

2 Kings 25:1 During the ninth year of Zedekiah’s reign, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon led his entire army against Jerusalem. They surrounded the city and built siege ramps against its walls. 

The enemy is building siege ramps against our national freedom and the freedom from the cross. In the Old Testament, a nation would come against another kingdom and begin to build wooden ramps to break into the city to destroy it. This siege ramp would take time to build, and during the process, the city would see their enemy getting closer and closer to their goal—the breaking down of their protective walls. The city was under siege. Only an act of God could help them.

America is under siege!

The walls of freedom, as we have known it for years, are under attack. Lawless vandals, politicians, and elected leaders are building siege ramps against the protective laws and the police force that have kept America safe and free for many years. The news media and social media are all helping to build this siege to remove our national freedom created by the belief of and built on the Biblical foundation of ‘In God we Trust.’

We, as a nation, must seek God’s face and repent as a person and a nation for our sins. Only God can heal this land. We need a revival of God’s presence.

The church is under siege!

The church needs to once again preach repentance. Many churches preach a message that feels good. A message that does not offend. 

There is fear from the pastor to speak repentance because of finances and rebellion. The message of the cross brings freedom to the soul but is a message that requires repentance. It is offensive to the unsaved. It requires us to deny ourselves and take up the cross of sacrifice and obedience to Christ.  

The church is under siege to make us feel happy rather than holy. Proud rather than pure. To feels saved rather than being saved. The church is under siege by the message of comfort rather than conviction. Let us pray and seek God’s face for our church and our nation.

On this July 4th,

let us look to God, who is the author of all freedom. He makes nations and souls free by following righteous commandments and repentance at the cross. Take the time to listen and watch this song about freedom and let your lightnside reflect FREEDOM.

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