The Lord our God is ONE

Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one!

A healthy connection with God begins with this statement. It is a command to be spoken daily. It is a simple but profound truth that needs to saturate into all the fibers of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. 

This statement in English is not as clear as the original Hebrew. 

We will look at each part of this statement to feel its importance and relate it to ourselves.

Hear, O Israel

Stop everything you are doing. Focus on these words that are coming. They will be the most important words you will hear today, tomorrow, and forever. If you forget these coming words, your life will suffer. You will be following other false truths that will lead you astray.

“Hear, O America.” Stop for a moment and pay attention. Pull away from TV, texts, emails. Pull away from the calendar and today’s agenda. Pull away from social media and what others are saying to you. 

Stop everything and focus. Hear these coming words. Let these words have your complete attention. They will bless your life.

The Lord (Jehovah) -The name of the Lord used by Israel. Our God (Elohiym) – a Plural sense of God (Trinity), powers, creation

This short statement brings in the broad sense of God around us. The Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit.) His glory in creation, His diving direction, and acts upon the earth and it’s people. Miracles of life, gifts of love. The wonder and beauty of creation on land and in the heavens. The powers of the universe that are established and managed. All that is life and wondrous are part of and from our God.

Take a look around you today. Not at the man-made things but nature, birds, weather, the sun. God established them. One time God said, “Let there be trees,” and today there are still trees.  Even man’s ability to create is only possible because God established the mechanics of elements and laws of physics. God gave man the ability to imagine and discover. Hear, O American… The Lord our Trinity, active creations, life in nature, cycle of life to death and new life.

The Lord is one.   

There is only one. The Trinity, majesty, mercy, miracles, control of the universe, life to all creations. All from only one God. There is no other. All other names of gods are fake gods. They are made up replacements for the only God. The One God. Your God.

This truth must be in us.

It must be stated repeatedly so we don’t focus on other colorful sayings that might weaken this truth in us. Like national agendas of emotional outbursts that are trying to take divine focus away from us. State it out loud with me, “Hear, O (you name), The Lord our God, The Lord is one.” He is all and everything. He is mighty and all-powerful. 

Allow this simple statement to daily flood your mind, heart, body, and understanding. In this noisy emotional world, stop, look upwards and say “Hear O (your name), The Lord my God…HE IS ONE.” He is the center of my life. God is the center of my hope and thoughts today. With this truth, my Lightnside will burn bright.

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