Unto us: Born & Given Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given;

Born vs Given. The two words have a vast difference in meaning.

Born – something that is a great and wonderful process but filled with stress, pain, struggle, wonder, weakness, miraculous, small, feeble, needy, giving, sacrifice.

Given – passed over to, not earned, from a place of compassion, to bless, a supply of plenty. Desire to share. Give to one unable to repay. Give to one unable to manufacture.

Christ chose to be born to mankind. Christ was God’s Son given to mankind. Meditate on these thoughts and come up with more of your own as the wonder of this truth floods your heart.

Born into darkness. God has given us a great light.
Born into limitations. God has given us the power to overcome.
Born into weakness and sickness. God has given us healing and power.
Born into bondage. God has given us a savior.
Born into temptations. God has given us the cross to overcome the power of sin.
Born into humankind’s emotions. God has given us an eternal priest who understands our life.
Born to dream and dread. God has given us a future and eternal hope.
Born to mature through pain. God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide and empower us.
Born to love and experience loss. God has given us eternity and joy.

Christ was born into our broken limited world so that we could become a part of His eternal, glorious world. Christ was given to humanity to die so that we can give Him our heart and live in His presence forever.

What will you do with this thought of birth and a gift?

Have you experienced Christ’s birth in your world? Have you taken hold of the gift of God’s son? Unto you, the Christ the Child was born. Unto you, the Son of God, was given. Let these holy words sink into your heart, mind, and soul this Christmas Season, and allow your lightnside to be merry and bright.

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