The brook dried up.

And it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up. (1 Kings 17:7)

This week I am sharing a devotion and poem that touched my heart. It’s about those times of dryness or difficulty. While those days and times are unpleasant, we have the opportunity to grow closer to God than at any other time. The long night, the quiet heaven, the lonely road; when our souls are seeking an answer, but none comes. We are challenged to put our feelings aside and trust in God. Faith grows stronger through endurance and patience. Allow this devotion from “Springs in the Valley” to minister to you.

God sent Elijah to the brook and it dried up.

It did not prove equal to the need of the prophet. It failed; God knew it would; He made it to fail. “The brook dried up.” This is an aspect of the Divine providence that sorely perplexes our minds and tries our faith. God knows that there are heavenly whispers that men cannot hear till the drought of trouble and perhaps weariness has silenced the babbling brooks of joy. And He is not satisfied until we have learned to depend, not upon His gifts, but upon Himself. PERCY AINSWORTH


His camp was pitched where Cherith’s stream was flowing— The man of God!
‘Twas God’s appointed spot!
When it might fail, he knew not; only knowing That God cared for his lot.

Full many days on Cherith’s bank he camped him, And from its cool refreshing, drew his share; And foolish fears of failing streams ne’er damped him; Was he not God’s own care?

Yet, lo, at length, the prospect strangely altered; The drought e’en Cherith’s fountain had assailed;
Slowly but sure, the flowing waters faltered Until, at last, they failed!

Then came the word from One whose eye beholding Saw that the stream, the living stream had dried,
Sending him forth, to find by new unfolding, None of his needs denied.

Perchance thou, too, hath camped by such sweet waters. And quenched with joy thy weary, parched soul’s thirst;
To find, as time goes on, thy streamlet alters from what it was at first.

Hearts that have cheered, or soothed, or blest, or strengthened,
Loves that have lavished so unstintedly, Joys, treasured joys—have passed, as time hath lengthened,

Into obscurity.

If thus, ah soul, the brook thy heart hath cherished Doth fail thee now—no more thy thirst assuage—
If its once glad, refreshing streams have perished, Let HIM thy heart engage.

He will not fail, nor mock, nor disappoint thee; His consolations change not with the years;
With oil of joy He surely will anoint thee, And wipe away thy tears.

Dear Lord, You give us blessings then you allow us to grow in faith by allowing the blessings to dry up. Holy Spirit, remind us to trust God. Remind us to look beyond the present and our feelings. Help us to look at Your blessings in the past and Your promises. We will trust you and be patient with our lightnside glowing brighter even as the brook runs dry.

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