Psalms 9:10 Knowing and Trusting

Those who know Your name trust You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.

Knowing the name(s) of the Lord.  

He cannot be defined by one name. God is known as the “I AM,” never an I was or will be. God is mighty in power and is Holy, Holy, Holy. God is my provider, healer, warrior, righteousness, healer, redeemer, shepherd, light, and hope.  

As I rehearse the names of the Lord, I can begin to express who He is in my life. I increasingly trust and lean on Him in times of fear or doubt. When things seem confusing or unclear, I can lift my frustration and anxiety to God because I am learning more about God through His name. I lean on His wisdom. I rejoice in His promises. I know His name…and He knows mine.

Never forsaken

When reading about God or reflecting on my experiences, God has never abandoned me. You were always there, even when I felt alone. In the storms of life, you were in the winds and waves near my sinking boat. You have always calmed the waters of my life. I know you more after each experience. I put my trust in You.

Those who seek You.   

God can never be fully known. There is always more of Him than one can ever contain.

When I seek more of You, I seek less of me.

When I seek more of You, more of You enters my day.

When I seek more of You, I have less interest in worldly distractions.

When I seek more of You, I feel more confident in Your presence.

When I seek more of You, The Bible opens its deeper truths.

When I seek more of You, I feel more peace, even in difficult times.

When I seek more of You, I know and experience Your names.

When I seek more of You, I trust You more.

When I seek more of You, I find You in more of me.

Action Plan 

Take some time this week to seek more of God. Make a plan to set aside some time to be with God.  

Click here to see some of the names of God and their meaning to you.

Let your Lightnside grow stronger by seeking more of God.

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