John 1:1 In the beginning was…

beginningThe two words that bring the most amazing wonder to my heart : beginning was.  In John 1:1 these two words compare so much to me about the limitations of man and the greatness of God.  Man has a beginning and is bound by time,  wear and tear and location.  God is beyond these limitations.  He was, will be, everywhere.  No limitation of time and location.  Who can seperate us from the presence of God.  Nothing in created place or time.


As I wonder about these two words and their relationship I begin to think of other words that are similar. 

Weak – Almighty
Tired – Everlasting
Unsure – All knowing
Alone – Everywhere
Worried – Peace
Unclear – Light, Truth

 In the beginning (limitations) was (unbound eternally all).  When you feel the limits of time, wisdom and weakness, ask the infinite one who was and will always be enough in all things.  Put His Light N Side.

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