John 1:1 In the beginning was the WORD – LOGOS

Logos-Logo    logo-spelled-in-greek

Before the beginning of time, distance or creation… there was THE WORD.

The original Greek is logos. It is the pure, divine,  holy, all-knowing, all-aware, all-creative knowledge, language, thought, presence, communication of God. The Word is a title of Christ emphasizing his own deity and communication of who God is and what he is like.

Logos was never created. It always was!   First Logos then the world.

We in a very small way are similar to this verse.  Before the actions of the day as we wake our minds are forming ideas, words, emotions and imaginations.  Before our physical body moves or communication is made to others we first have thoughts and ideas or self- language.

Our internal mind is broken because of orginal sin.  We are prone  to  sinful temptations, selfishness and self-worship.  The bible describes the wisdom of fallen man in James 3:15-16 . Man’s wisdom consists of Earthly (what the masses or man’s understanding determines is right – science, evolution),  sensual (nonspiritual, emotional, passion, like the animal world driven by feelings and impulses,  emotional passions), demonic (our minds are influenced by the demonic influences of lust, greed, violence, music, darkness)

Even the nicest of men without Godly influence is effected by these fallen traits.  Some are so self disciplined as to seem free from most of it’s dangers while others seem to give themselves to the destructive passions of fallen thought.

We need the pure truth of LOGOS in our hearts, mind and spirit. James 3:17-18  ( But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits,..)

What a great practice to allow the pure almighty logos of the almighty God  to heal our fleshly mind and spirit.  The Logos of God can make our mind produce success (Psalms 1:1-3),  love (1John2:9-11), holiness (Ps 119:11).

Do you tend to agree with the current worlds logic?  Does your emotions cause abrupt words and  choices that bring pain, hurt relationships and trouble?  Are you involved in violent games, are you addicted to pornography or other dark social media outlets, hateful and destructive music?  Come to the light and allow the pure LOGOS of God bring healing to you and your future. Ask God to forgive your actions and choices.  Ask Christ to come into your heart and bring with Him the Holy Spirit who will make God’s Word (LOGOS) come alive in you.

Make your thoughts and actions holy as you allow the LOGOS of GOD to  flow through your thoughts each day by reading the WORD (Bible) and prayer to God.  As you develop this daily habit you will find His LOGOS replacing your thoughts as you live with His  LIGHT-N-SIDE.

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