The Star & seekers, sleepers and seethers


While looking at the story of the of the wise men in Matthew chapter two I find three types of people listed.  First are the wise men.  I will call them the “seekers”.  It is said they saw the star of a king and followed it to Bethlehem.

While Jesus was born in the very lowest and humble of situations the heavenly response of His birth was altogether different.

There were a multitude of angels that terrified some shepherds announcing the birth of a king and a savior to all men.  There was also the star.  Many different explanations from astrological science and learned men explain in their way the star that  the wise men saw.  My belief is it was a supernatural event drawing a group of men looking for something more than ordinary direction. Other translations call these people a Magi.  They were from the Mede nation.  The Magi were high priests and it was their job to establish, appoint and if necessary remove a king.  At this time in history they were without a king and was looking for new one.  It is possible there were several groups of wise men looking for a suitable king.  But I believe these wise men were seeking more than an ordinary king.  They were seeking a true Godly king.  And just as in the Old Testament God led Israel by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night (Exodus 13:21),


I believe God supernaturally reveled a hope and a light that attracts seeking men to the savior.

These wise men left their home traveling and seeking the light of the star in search of a king.  In the Christmas season is there a drawing to Christ in your life.  Do you sense the Holy Spirit sending you a light or desire to follow and find more about Christ?  Are you a “seeker”?

When the wise men arrived in Bethlehem the king found out about the wise men and their talk of a new king.  His first reaction was anger. He was threatened from his own position that he had clawed, plotted, and who know what to be king.

The King’s was not “seeking”,  but he was “seething”.

Any opposition to the king was met with pain and death.  In today’s world there are many who are seething at the mention of the Christmas story.  They do not want to hear truth of a moral and righteous lifestyle.  It is a threat to their own kingdom.  Does the story of Christ and a moral righteous life cause you discomfort or anger?  Do you want all decoration and the songs of the Biblical Christmas story to disappear?  Are you a “seether”?

Then there is the town of Bethlehem.  These people were busy.  In Luke 2:7 it says there was no room in the inn.  The town knew the Bible and were in church on Sundays but were too busy or distracted to have time for the real meaning of Christmas.

They were not seeking or seething,  but rather they were “sleeping”.  Life to busy and distracted to be awakened to seek Christ.

What are some things in our life that can put us to sleep spiritually?  Some that come to mind are work, sports, social media, entertainment, and family.  None of these are wrong but they make us so busy there is no time for God.

Make a set time in your daily activity to “Seek” Christ.

Begin a daily habit to read scripture and a time of prayer.  It does not have to be long.  If ever there was a time we need to know there is a God it is today.  Allow the light of the Holy Spirit to draw your heart to the baby Jesus.  The wise men had to look up over all that was around them and saw the light the God sent to them.  He is sending you a light from His heart to follow Him.


Take time to look up above all distractions and see His light that will guide you to Christ.



This Christmas season be a “seeker”. 

Don’t “seethe” or “sleep” at the Biblical Christmas story.  May God bless you and your family this Christmas season and in the New Year.

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