2018 journey Psalms, Proverbs, Romans

This year GOD placed on me different path in daily bible reading. For years I have read the bible through each year.  This year GOD said “slow down and dig in”.  The book of Romans has caught my heart.  I also have a plan to read in Psalms and Proverbs each day.  So my plan is to record thoughts of something from one of these readings each day.  Happy New Year to all.

Psalms 1  Two Paths


In Psalms 1:1-4 a deceleration of paths and outcomes we can take in life.  Most of our influences in life can be located in the first verse. Wicked, sinners and mockers.  Notice the degrees of intensity.  Wicked would include sinners and mockers.  Sinners, although maybe not wicked includes mockers.  We should careful about mocking people or organizations.  Although maybe not to the level of sinning it is in the same camp.

Rather,  your mind and daily thinking should be in the TRUTH found in scripture.  Reading each day is like taking a spiritual daily  vitamin. It gets into your mind and spirit. The Bible is alive. It grabs and inspects. It encourages and creates HOPE.  It brings peace during tough times.

Results of choosing paths.  When you meditate on Scripture and God a miraculous event begins to take place.  Verse 3 states you will become strong and healthy like a tree planted by a river.  Even better is the effect daily reading and praying has you your life.  The daily process effects your decisions and goals in life. “…they prosper in all they do.”

stay in God's word

Not so with spending time with the influence of the wicked, sinners and mockers.  Your path will not have healthy direction or growth.  Many followers have no direction in life by these influences.

Thought:  Be careful how you fill your free time.  All around us are wickedness, sin and mockers in the form of TV, movies, news, texting, social media, and friend choices. It is easy to allow this influence to overtake you. First you walk by,  then you stop and stand.  If you are not careful you will set and allow this influence to either your mind and soul.

Take a stand for righteousness and usefulness. Push away from easy influence and open God’s word daily. You will look back on 2018 next December 31st and smile. You will find you have lightnside.

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