Romans 1:1-3


Three descriptions declaring who he is beyond his name.

romans-1-1-set-apart-gospelA bond-servant of Jesus

Bond servant – by choice ties his life choices to another’s will. This is Paul’s passion.  His whole life is wrapped up in following and doing the will of Christ.  His life, drive, goal is to follow and obey Christ.

Called to be an apostle

This is God’s choosing.  GOD identified Paul to be an apostle.  He probably was called earlier than the Light of Christ event. I believe GOD chose Paul earlier in Life and because of that calling a resistance in the sinful, religious teachings of Paul caused  heightened resistance and even persecution of Christ followers.  The revelation of Christ was a divine breakthrough revealing Christ and his calling.   Even this event is a description of God’s grace being applied.


Set apart for the gospel

Separated from what? It is the sum of being a  bond-servant and  being called by GOD.  Yourself and God,  this is your course and purpose in life.  Not a resistance, pressured task. But rather  grateful  support from GOD to do what is burning in your heart. Your only dream is this callings outcome.  Never looking back or dreaming about another life.  You are set apart by self and God for this cause.


What are some comment that could be added to your life

Remember Paul is not sinless. He makes mistakes and sins but the three descriptor titles still are true because of what Paul is writing in Romans. And he had lightnside.


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