Psalms 8 “Who am I?”

Who am I?  Two world views

The post-modern world view says we are only a biological being created by chemistry between two people.  If planned then great, but if you were unplanned through carelessness or abuse you can simply be aborted. No problem!   This world view gives mankind the same value , or less value, than the whale, or hooting owl.  This world view also promotes a low self-worth, and little value on life.

God’s worldview is vastly different than the secular humanist of today. In Psalms 8 David is contemplating the worth of man as he sees the vastness and wonder of creation. What is man compared to the heavens and stars?

God inspired David to write in verse 8 “You have made them (mankind) a little lower than the angels. And crowned them with glory and honor. You made them rulers over the works of Your hands…”


Mankind is crowned with GLORY AND HONOR from God.

It does not matter when you were born. Does not matter where, the planning process, even if you are the result of a sexual assault. You are  fearfully and wonderfully made and are crowned with GLORY AND HONOR from God. Your  value is over all the works of God. You were made in God’s image with a spirit that can speak with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. You are highly  valued by God. You are the reason Christ died for salvation. God wants to live with you forever.

Man might say mistake, God says majestic.

Man may say biological, God says BLESSED.  You may feel of low value or have a poor self-image.  God sees you right now where you are as a creation in His image the is crowned by God with Glory and Honor.  You have high value.  Your value is over all the animal kingdom and all the creations of God.  God sent Christ to the cross to provide a path  to bring you to Himself to live forever


Who am I? I am a child of God. I have value. Right now in whatever situation or status of living this world would rate me. I am CROWNED WITH GLORY AND HONOR FROM GOD’S VIEW.

Listen to Casting Crowns song “Who am I?” It will place lightnside your body that is crowned with glory and honor.

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