Psalms 14 Fool says NO GOD…but

Before Psalms 14 before you continue.

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God”.

I do not think this is the rational thoughts of an atheist,  but rather a lost man trying to convince in his heart that God does not exist.  Or maybe he radically hopes against all outward  evidence that God does not exist. The description of the person in verse one is someone doing evil.  Their thoughts are corrupt and they choose to believe there is no God watching. They want to believe no God see their plans and actions.  They attempt to make themselves believe this by repeating “there is no God, there is no God.”

What about creation and life? Who made them?

Of course to look at the creation of the world and animals one would naturally see a divine grand designer.  The heavens declare His glory.  All men are created to seek the presence of someone greater than man.  But the fool continues to say in his heart “there is no God, there is no God.”

Overwhelmed with dread

I love verses 5-6.  The same man in verse one who repeats “there is no God” is overwhelmed with dread. The fool must acknowledge “God is with the righteous and God is the refuge when the poor are attacked.  God intervenes against their evil plans.  The evil men are overwhelmed with dread because “There is a God, There is a God“.  And He watches over the world and He is with the righteous.

The fool one day will kneel before God

So the fool runs back to his own place of hiding and begins again “there is no God, there is no God.”The fool has no lightnside.  I really believe he has a dread of God in his mind and to keep ahead of dread and guilt must repeat in his heart “there is no God”,  until the fool stands before Almighty God and will kneel.

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