Wells and Water

Why are you bored?


What causes boredom? Can we find things in life that will continue to bring fulfillment?

John 4:4-26

Jesus meets a lonely outcast woman at a well.  She is an outcast from society because of her choices in life.  Jesus asks her for a drink of water.  This woman gives a harsh rebuke  to Jesus showing her dreary, dark heart.  Jesus begins to speak of living water that will constantly quench a thirst.   Believe me this woman is thirsty.  Not only for natural water but for meaning and purpose and joy.  This woman senses Jesus is offering something that will bring satisfaction. The woman asks Jesus to giver her this water to quench a recurring thirst. Jesus responds with a strange request. Jesus asks her to go and bring back her husband.  She says she does not have one.  Jesus told her she has had five husbands and the current man she was with was not her husband.

Jesus understood and revealed to this woman she is not only seeking water from a natural well, she is also seeking happiness and fulfillment  from a well that will never bring lasting refreshment.  This woman is drinking from the well of sexual partners to quench her hearts thirst. This well was refreshing for a while then she became bored and was thirsty again…for something more.  There are many types of wells people are drinking from to fill their lives.  To name a few: entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sexual experiences, constant social media, gaming and escaping through tv, books, etc.

Only living water quenches a thirsty heart.

John 7:37 On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.  Also read Isaiah 55:1 and Revelation 22:17.

We grow bored in life because we are perusing the pleasures that sin offers but lasts only for a small time and then more longing for something…more. If you are fighting depression, boredom and gloom.  Call out to the one who can give you lasting joy.  Chances are you are seeking excitement and meaning in an area that is not good for you.  A relationship with Christ and a daily biblical reading and prayer will fill your heart with joy.  Jesus told the woman His water is a refreshing spring of living water that will satisfy.

Believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring refreshing so you can enjoy life and walk daily with LIGHT-N-SIDE.

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