Unity of the Spirit (1)

Ephesians 4:2 I urge you to live a life worthy of your calling.

Paul recognizes the first three chapters of Ephesians as a beautiful section of promises, purposes, blessings, and revelations God has for us. We are a part of the eternal church filled with the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. The first three chapters are like being on the Mt of Transfiguration. All is wonderful and over whelping.

Then we come down the mountain into a demonic and fallen world.
The realities of our sinfulness and Satan’s attempts to destroy unity comes to us in full power.

Since we are prisoners of God by choice, Paul knew we must set some guidelines for our daily lives. So he begins with this suggestion: “I urge you to live a life worthy of your calling.”

I urge you (niv), beg you (nlt), beech you (nkjv)

The beginning words of verse 2 would say what is to follow would not happen automatically. Paul is speaking of a passion or effort that is not a natural reaction in life. Paul is stating the desired responses in life will demand a focused, determined, and thoughtful action.

Live a life (niv), lead a life (nlt), walk in a manor (nkjv)

These words have time and movement in them. We all are on a continuous road from birth to death. We will walk from youth to senior life. We will walk through various stages in life, each with its challenges to overcome. You will face great joys along with great pain. There will be times of comfort and time, especially of fear.

Worthy of the calling (niv), worthy of your calling (nlt), worthy of the calling (nkjv)

God’s calling to us and our accepting Jesus as our savior is a calling to live life at a higher level than we were without Christ. With God bringing life into our once dead spirit, the Holy Spirit moves into our hearts to help us raise our standards in relationships, desires, and goals.
How many people do you see claiming to be a Christian, but their choices, language, and emotions seem very ungodly. A worthy life is not to put to shame Christ’s name through our actions. Walking worthy is a lifelong process, and we cannot do it without help from the Holy Spirit.

You have received (niv), You have been called by God (nlt), in which you have received (nkjv).

God has called you to be a vessel of His glory. To be a light in a dark world. To stand out from the darkness with a holy light in your path.

Paul’s urging is a hint. Your calling to live a holy life will not be natural. It won’t be easy at times. Everything inside you will vote against being worthy when you are in pain, when you are challenged, when the crowd promotes a different direction than your calling. See God, pray, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and strength. Your life will be transformed into a life worthy of your calling.

Let your lightnside shine a life worthy of your calling…for God has called you.

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