Romans 9:20 “Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?”

During my devotions this week I read from “Springs in the Valley” the words below that touched my heart.  You may find yourself in a difficult situation.  Maybe you have pain in your body, relationships, or other difficulties.  As I read the words below I thought of Joseph, Daniel, David, Paul, Peter, and of course Christ.  If you are in pain,  let the words below bless you as they did me.

The Wood Complained

A piece of wood once bitterly complained because it was being cut and filled with rifts and holes; but he who held the wood and whose knife was cutting into it so remorselessly did not listen to the sore complaining. He was making a flute out of the wood he held, and was too wise to desist when entreated to do so. He said: “Oh, thou foolish piece of wood, without these rifts and holes thou wouldst be only a mere stick forever—a bit of hard black ebony with no power to make music or to be of any use. These rifts that I am making, which seem to be destroying thee, will change thee into a flute, and thy sweet music then shall charm the souls of men.

The Wood Blessed the World

My cutting thee is the making of thee, for then thou shalt be precious and valuable, and a blessing in the world.”

Not till life is broken is it ready for the Master’s use.

David could never have sung his sweetest songs had he not been sorely afflicted. His afflictions made his life an instrument on which God could breathe the music of His love to charm and soothe the hearts of men.

Let your lightnside burn bright as you are prepared by the Master for His use.

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